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RENergy Electric

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REsource Electric

REsource Electric Tianjin Ltd. is engaged in renewable energy sector, providing intelligent, highly-efficient and integrative electric system total solutions. The standard product portfolio covers wind power main control systems, converters (wind/liquid cooling), AC/DC pitch system and SCADA systems ranging from 1.5MW to 8MW, which applies to on-/offshore double-fed and full-power WTGs. Meanwhile, REsource is able to provide high-performance tailored products to meet customer demands. Currently, 18,000 units of products are used in more than 260 wind farms around the world. Based on mature application, REsource’s in-house technology of wind turbine Big Data intelligent diagnosis solution is helping customers to boost WTG performance.More intelligent technology and higher reliability is REsource’s mission to constantly create value for customers, and ultimately help mankind to achieve a more convenient use of clean energy. 

Company Profile

● Leading supplier of renewable energy control system solutions and products

● Founded in 2010

● Covers an area totaling 50,000m2+

● 300 employees, of which 30% are technicians

● Over 10,000 efficiently operating sets of unique products


● In-house development, Smarter

2010, Wind Turbine control systems with in-house core control technology

2013, Pilot project National 863 Program of Smart Micro-grid

2014, Advanced Control Strategy for WTGs

2015, Smart Control System

● Constant R&D, More standard

2010, 2MW double-fed main control system and pitch system passed LVRT test

2013, successful development of 3MW full set of DD products

2014, successful application of 2MW main control system and pitch system in the WTG with 118m rotor diameter

● Rich Experience, More reliable

2010, successful grid-connection of the world's first 1.5MW plateau type full set products

2011, top three market share in similar enterprises

● Full set of products of 2MW DC pitch system of low temperature type, plateau type and offshore type

2012, successful application of 1.5MW full set of products in China’s first distributed power generation project

2013, High temperature project in India

2014, 10,000+ sets of products application


Technical service capabilities

Technology innovation, quality and ability of sustainable development is the key for REsource to lead the industry.

● Continuous R&Dto achieve Life Cycle Quality Assurancethroughout the whole process fromdesign and manufacturing to engineering services.

● Productdevelopment process is penetrating through every sector, conducting overall management towards customer needs, cost, time, risk and marketfeedback.

● Compliance withISO9001: 2008Quality Management System, implementing8S management in workshop

● Equipped with specialized staff for different customers in independent production areas

● Full range of products that passedCE andCGCcertification.

● Strict selection of qualified suppliers, carryingout long-term strategic cooperation and periodic review

● 6regionaloffices, covering 90% of national windfarms.

● Ensure12-hourresponse mechanism, quick response tofault feedback. 24-hour technical advisory service

REsource Electric technical experts provide technical advice to customers. If technical or application data is needed, our technical support office is willing to offer help through phone or email. Product information and company

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