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Trusted master control system
China is vast in territory, climate conditions, and the power grid situation is not the same, in order to better adapt to the regional meteorological condition and the condition of the wind resource, tailored to the wind turbine control system is Ruineng electric constant pursuit.
- Precise machine modeling and simulation, guidance and control strategy optimization, effectively enhance the wind power generation capacity
- rich experience in application and the concept of the whole machine control, customized development and control system, with a good matching and open
- well versed in technology trends, continue to promote the application of advanced technology, promote advanced and reliable products

Good environmental adaptability

In view of the complex climatic conditions and the condition of the wind resource, REcon series products on the hardware and software system of differential design, can meet in the harsh conditions of ultra low temperature, salt fog, high temperature, high humidity and plateau long-term reliable operation. Take the lead in the development of megawatt China plateau type control system and successfully applied in the Yunnan Guizhou plateau.
At the same time, the analysis of the characteristics of local micro wind conditions, to provide an advanced control strategy optimization, to maximize the power generation and utilization of wind turbines.

Software upgrades continue to be guaranteed
REcon system has always been tracking cutting-edge technology, concerned about the actual demand, in a timely manner to the new technology and new requirements into practical application of products. Can provide a low voltage ride through the transformation, control strategy optimization, active and reactive power scheduling management, expert intelligent diagnosis system, and other mature functions.
- application upgrade: open architecture, modular software design system, easy to upgrade and update the system.
Mature modular application: the function module is divided into the software function, the new function can be seamlessly connected with the original system;

Good matching reliability is higher.

REcon from the machine electrical system demand of fully consider system margin, expansion and equipment maintenance, and the whole electrical system to do a good match, avoid excessive capacity caused by waste, ensure the economy.

REcon system parameters

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