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The 3rd Supplier Conference of RENergy was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Binhai Tianjin


On February 24th,2017, the 3rd Supplier Conference of RENergy was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Binhai Tianjin, which theme is "Appreciating and Progressing, Together and Foreward". About 100 new and old friends from the brand suppliers in the wind power field participated in this gathering. The theme of this gathering is "Appreciating and Progressing, Together and Foreward", aimed at appreciating the strong support from the suppliers to RENergy and companionship between them, meanwhile prospecting the future and strengthening the willing of cooperation and providing the superior service and  high-quality products to customers.

In the gathering the president of RENergy Dr.Hou gave a lecture first. He analyzed the current market and industry situation and pointed out the strategy plan and development direction. Meanwhile Dr.Hou mentioned that the year 2017 will be the important year for the wind power industry to promoting and overcoming.At present the increment of the wind power market is reducing. The capacity of turbines is increasing. In the market with increasing pressures, Handling the stocking wind power becomes the focus of electric control manufacturers. It is also mentioned that RENergy is marching to the new-energy area and micro-grid markets. Dr.Hou introduced the micro-grid content in 863 plan.

Afterwards the executive deputy manager Mr.Tian Feng introduced, summarized and prospected the market deployment, supplying-chain management and supplier quality management of RENergy. He showed the expectation to the suppliers abou the cost and delivery date and so on and the requirement that the suppliers should pay more attention to the product quality and solve the quality issue inside the factory, so as to provide reliable and high quality products.

The supplier representative Ms. Zhang Jingjing, the executive director of DEIF Wind Power Technology., Ltd shared the process of copperating, understanding, adapting and growing with RENergy in the past few years. At the same time she gives the best wishes to RENergy.

In the supplier conference,RENergy reported the supplier ranking with critical marking standard, so as to appreciate the support from the suppliers. Several suppliers with high quality products and superior service is awarded. In the end, the leaders of RENergy and suppliers cut the celebration cake together, which indicated the wishes to the good future. This supplier conference deepened consensus between RENergy and suppliers and indicated the cooperating directions in the future. We expect to progress to the future together.


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