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RENergy Electric wins title of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”


On October 12, 2015, the list of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2015” published and RENergy Electric (the Company) was included in the list. RENergy Electric was the only Chinese enterprise that specializes in providing WTG electric control systems noted in this list and has obtained the title of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” for two successive years.

Renergy Electric is a professional supplier of wind power control systems., providing integrated solutions and a full set of products for the electrical control systems in the renewable energy field, and it's recognized by the panel for its outstanding performance. More than 13,000 sets of equipment are running efficiently around the world. In the first half of 2015, the company realized a year-on-year growth of 48% for its sales and it also made remarkable achievements in R&D - integration of the main control system, pitch system and converter of Resmart was updated, over 95% of the components were standardized and modularized which enhance the compatibility of products and improve the customized lead time more competitive. For the realization of smart WTG, we helped our customers promote the efficiency and prolong the service life of WTG by providing intelligent diagnosis and self-adaptation control to the wind generator by the control system. Additionally, the National 863 Intelligent Microgrid Demonstration Project undertaken by the company has been launched, for which Renergy not only implements construction of the project, but also has developed an industry leading high-speed Microgrid core control platform. Renergy owns more than 200 intellectual properties.

“With the development of energy Internet, we deeply understand what value would be brought to customers by the integrated intellectualization of control systems. We conducted an intelligent upgrading of both individual product and the entire system by employing advanced measurement technology, data analysis technology and active performance control and reliable control algorithm. Additionally, we also implemented the information upgrading of company systems in respect to product R&D, quality control, spare parts management, engineering service, etc., enabling customers and end owners to realize the actual condition-based maintenance and unattended operation of the WTG plant, to adequately promote energy capture and utilization efficiency and to reduce risks of WTG operation.” Said by Zhao Shuangxi, Technical Director of the Company. He believes that realization of customer value is the precondition of technical development.

The Company is committed to providing clients with intelligent, highly efficient and integrated electric control system solutions and expert-level technical support. The Company, just like other enterprises operating in the same industry, will continually make efforts to realize the convenient use of clean energy by human beings.


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