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First Installation of RENergy Electric Generators for the India Maharashtra Project Successfully Grid-connected


 At 11:00 pm on January 30, 2016, the first wind turbine generator (WTG) for the India Maharashtra Project, which adopted a full set of electric control systems and products of RENergy Electric, was successfully connected to the grid after commissioning. Up until February 1, the first installation of five WTGs were successfully launched for grid-connection, which marked the first HTHH, overseas project of the Company had made a phased achievement; furthermore, the overseas technical support team obtained a valuable experience.

The project was installed in a high-temperature region where the average annual temperature is over 30℃; the highest temperature is over 50℃, and the seasonal climate includes only rainy and dry seasons. It is required to install WTGs with a high temperature and humidity resistance in this area. Therefore, the Company provided an independently developed 1.5MW HTHH main control system, converter and pitch system for the project, which was used for five WTGs with a rotor diameter of 89m in the first installation.

The Company’s team for the project in India set out for the project on January 9, 2016, and completed a half-month training session on theory and practical operation for customers to ensure they had full and clear understanding of the products. The team finished the commissioning of the five WTGs from January 30 to February 1.

The Company also provided a main control system for the WTG with a rotor diameter of 77m in the project, and would continue providing the full set of products and technical support services based on customers’ future order needs to ensure the rapid, optimal realization of customers’ value.


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