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Rich experience in faster customized Control System Total Solutions

  • More than 100 R&D engineers with core team over 10-years of experience in the wind industry.
  • Provide technical support in pre-simulation modeling and load calculations, WTG electrical system products,life cycle WTG retrofit and O&M services.
  • Absorption of world-leading technologies and development of highly compatible and advanced 1.5-5MW double fed and full power WTG electric control systems.
  • Integrated product development (IPD), with continuous technical research and development, rather than technological innovation without proof.

Technical Advantages Constitute Core Competitiveness in Electric Control Systems

  • High yield:Seamless embedment into WTG design, fast response, accurate calculation, and more power output in low wind speed and wind gust environments.
  • Multi-platform:The provider with multi-platform solutions for the electric system enjoying global advanced technologies from top partners.
  • High compatibility:Compact structure, stable operation and available for extreme conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, salt fog conditions and high plateaus, etc. with stable operation in the long-run guaranteed.
  • High availability:Concentrated deployment of control strategy, optimized control time sequencing and advanced control strategy to maximally improve WTG power output availability.
  • Openness:LVRT certificated products for various types of WTGs and fast communication switching.
  • Low cost:Simplified product upgrading process to provide more cost-effective O&M.

Strict Quality Control for Efficient Products Supply

The quality management system is established in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards to set clear specifications and procedures for all manufacturing processes and ensure the controllability and traceability of product engineering during each manufacturing stage.

  • Production area and personnel are arranged for individual customers. Materials for different customers are separately managed.
  • RENergy has obtained CE and CGCcertifications for all products.
  • RENergy selects suppliers strictly in accordance with quality standards, engages in longtime strategic cooperation with them, and performs inspections on a regular basis.
  • RENergy carries out a stringent business and technical information confidentiality system and 5S-based lean manufacturing.

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