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Company Profile

RENergy Electric Tianjin Ltd. is engaged in renewable energy sector, providing intelligent, highly-efficient and integrative electric system total solutions. The standard product portfolio covers wind power main control systems, converters (wind/liquid cooling), AC/DC pitch system and SCADA systems ranging from 1.5MW to 8MW, which applies to on-/offshore double-fed and full-power WTGs. Meanwhile, RENergy is able to provide high-performance tailored products to meet customer demands. Currently, 18,000 units of products are used in more than 260 wind farms around the world.

Based on mature application, RENergy’s in-house technology of wind turbine Big Data intelligent diagnosis solution is helping customers to boost WTG performance.More intelligent technology and higher reliability is RENergy’s mission to constantly create value for customers, and ultimately help mankind to achieve a more convenient use of clean energy.

RENergy, Focus on Wind Power Control.

RENergy works rapidly on providing highly reliable and advanced electric control system total solutions and the complete electric equipment portfolio, expect to help mankind realize improvement with new standards.

RENergy Vision

Become a respected company, changing the inferior image of China's electrical products in the world.

REnergy Mission

Combination of technology and energy, bring new impetus to the world

REnergy Core Values

  • Achievements of customers, people-oriented, continuous innovation.

RENergy Spirit

  • Credibility

    “Honesty, commitment”, adhere to honesty to win the trust from customers and the public.
  • Pragmatic

    “Practical, not arrogant”, behavior and values must be consistent.
  • Innovation

    "All for customers, all from innovation”, ingrained with innovation to become a technology leader.
  • Responsibility

    “All for people, all in work”, sharing the operating pressure and the responsibility for enterprise development, fulfilling the mission together to achieve a shared vision.
  • Enterprise

    "Success is the achievement of enterprise", has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, constantly challenges the new target, and focuses on performance.
  • Enthusiasm

    “Transfer positive energy with enthusiasm to inspire dreams”, we are full of vitality and passion driven by our mission, doing the best to create results in team and enterprise.

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